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Eraselet has helped a variety of schools, organizations, and companies raise awareness for their causes. We've erased crime, bullying, hate, animal cruelty, and much much more!

Eraselets make an excellent promotional giveaway! Promote your company by using Eraselets to gain exposure to 1000's of households!

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Welcome to Eraselet.com

Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of Eraselets! We are excited to share with you our current retail product line, as well as our custom promotional products. Right now Eraselets are making a big splash in the promotional industry. Companies like Great American Opportunities and Junior Achievement are set to give away over 1,500,000 Eraselets in over 33,000 schools across America and Canada in the 2012-2013 school year.

We are proud to say that all our products are made, packaged, and fulfilled right here in the United States. Our manufacturer [Alliance Rubber Company] has been making rubber products since 1923, and is one of the most respected rubber manufacturing companies in the industry.

Here at Eraselet, giving back is a big deal. A portion of our proceeds go to erase world hunger. We work closely with select non-profits to help provide food and shelter for those in need. You will be happy to know that your purchase contributed to making a difference in someone else’s life.

Let's talk about the product: How many times have your children lost their eraser? How many pencils are lying around your house with little or no eraser? How many children love to wear bracelets? Now, there's a solution! Eraselets provide a fun, fashionable, and functional way for children to wear their eraser, like a bracelet. Eraselets are the world's first bracelet eraser, invented by Bryan Ricci, because his youngest daughter kept losing her erasers. "I'm going to tie an eraser around your wrist" he said. Then he thought, "why not create a rubber bracelet that functions as an eraser? An Eraselet!" He then gathered his resources, found a manufacturer, and the rest is modern history.

Now, Eraselets have grown to be a flourishing trend among youth of all ages. We've sold more than 2,000,000 Eraselets and counting. We've helped erase everything from crime to hunger. We're proud of our products and we're proud to live in a country full of great opportunity. To all our fans, supporters, clients, and colleagues: Thanks! The Eraselet Team

For more information about Eraselet, email us at: info@eraselet.com or call: 615-732-9347

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